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Carbon dioxide does not cause global warming

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Finally. Someone asked the question that we all should have thought to ask when the greenhouse gases theory of global warming first came up two decades ago.

That one question: Is carbon dioxide actually capable of functioning as a greenhouse gas?  To do that, CO2 has to trap significant quantities both of direct radiation from the sun and, most important, heat radiated back from earth.

Atmospheric physicist James A. Peden asked just that question. He then replies to it at

Using the process of atomic absorption spectrometry, Peden found that poor old carbon dixoide simply does not have the molecular structure to trap significant quantities of heat radiated from earth (the greenhouse effect) or of direct radiance from the sun (in the form of visible light and other non-visible wavelengths).

It’s all over. The greenhouse gases theory based on CO2 doesn’t hold up under direct examination by a process of basic physics.

Peden states that water vapor is the primary cause of greenhouse effect. Shall we now aim to outlaw water vapor in the atmosphere?

Climate change is real. So is actual atmospheric pollution, like carbon monoxide, sulphur, nitrous oxides, ash, etc. Let’s stop wasting time and energy over an atmospheric gas that does not contribute to atmospheric heating or pollution, and start focusing on true environmental problems.