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Deaths of the famous remind us: Celebrate life

Friday, June 26th, 2009

From our Chicago friend and colleague John Katsantonis, moved to reflect on a week that brought us the deaths of three famous people:

Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson all died this week. Talk about a hat trick of pop icons!!!???!!!!

It seems ironic that Death can sometimes appear to be the Ultimate Reality of Life. but honestly, it’s not: LIFE is the Ultimate Reality of Life. And yes, for some reason these deaths DO all come in threes. But now we’ve hit it, so…”at ease,” everyone.

(Not that anyone was stressed, I’m sure.)

Michael Jackson, for all his fame and wealth and talent and magic, suffered quite a bit in this lifetime. He was, in his own way, a True Innocent. He was never allowed his childhood, if you think about it. He had to be not just a star, but a SuperStar, right from the get-go. The family pressures alone must have been staggering.

He’s like a modern-day Citizen Kane, searching for that “Rosebud” sled. And now, he’s at Peace. Rough way to get it, but…all we can hope is that he didn’t suffer at all, at the end.

Farah had SUCH a rough go of it, these past few years…perhaps needless to say, I’ve paid closer attention to her situation than I might ordinarily have, in earlier year.

Ed McMahon had a pretty good run, having left the building at age 86, though it certainly was rough to lose Mister Carson even though they were not exceptionally close, socially…and Ed was among the first to get thwacked by the real estate crash.

Knowing a couple of guys in TOTO who worked with Jacko, I know they’re pretty shocked about his passing. It’s a shame that poopoo gets in the way of art and goodness, sometimes. All the “kid” stuff easily could be accounted-for by knowing what Michael went through when the Jackson 5 hit huge….it’s easy, when you know what to look for, when abuse issues surface.

Fortunately, God knows our hearts, so whatever The Media or The Public or The World may have thought doesn’t matter. So let’s celebrate Life a bit, this weekend…

I’m quite curious RE: Lisa Marie’s reaction to all this. I expect that she feels rather odd, given the replication of her ex-hubby’s departure and her dad’s.

Also, did you ever see a made-for-TV film on Nixon meeting Elvis, when Presley went to the White House to volunteer for the war against drugs (ironically enough) and Nixon made him an honorary FBI agent?

There’s a classic moment: Elvis is riding in a D.C. cab, the driver’s got the radio on, and the first Jackson 5 single —- pretty sure it was “I Want You Back” —- spins.

“What-the-hell is THIS?” asks Elvis.

“I dunno,” says the cabbie.