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The gender-power equation

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

When comparing male power to female power, think of the former as action and the latter as attraction. Another way to look at it: doing versus being. The yang and the yin. The light and the dark. The electric and the magnetic.  The push and the pull. The broadcaster and the receiver.


The two forms of power complement each other, but this male-dominated world considers only the male/push/electric form as legitimate. Female/pull/receptive power is derided as seduction or temptation, when it really is the basis for the experiences and people we all attract into our lives. The law of attraction rests on female power, not male. Perhaps that is why it is so poorly understood.

In other words, to act, we use the electric energy of the mental-spiritual half of self. This is the side of self we are most familar with. To attract or receive, we use the magnetic energy of the emotional-physical parts of our being. One side of self cannot do or be without the other, yet we venerate and elevate the mental-spiritual (the masculine) at the expense of the emotional-physical (the feminine).

We also need to understand what we mean by energy here. The energy we speak of is the energy of consciousness — thoughts, feelings, beliefs — known as the aura in metaphysical terms. This consciousness-aura energy is called kura in the Green Stone of Healing® speculative epic. Whatever the name, this energy is the essence of who we are. Even our physical bodies are energy in a form that we are capable of perceiving with our physical eyes. Other names for this energy are chi or prana.

So where does romance fit into this gender-power equation? Interestingly, romance is where the two kinds of energies, masculine and feminine, collide and mingle. That’s what makes romance so compelling and essential, especially to women. During a romance, a woman finally elicits emotional (and sexual) attention from a man who otherwise would ignore his feelings about her or anyone else (himself included) to focus his energies on action, usually competition, in business, sports, or elsewhere.

Men absolutely hate it that they are not immune to women’s attracting/receptive power. This is one of the fascinating dynamics of romance. But they cannot escape this kind of power because they also possess it, although not to the degree that women do, unless the man is gay or bisexual.

Moralizing aside, one of the reasons a non-hetero sexual orientation is so threatening to straight men is the extra degree to which attracting/receptive feminine energy is present in the aura of non-hetero males. Lesbians and bisexual women also possess a greater extent of male/push energy than straight females. This is not as threatening to straight men because they are familiar with this kind of energy and regard it as superior anyway.

To be female in this world has long been associated with powerlessness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Attracting/receptive energy is extremely powerful, but can also be misused easily and degenerate into manipulation.

Throughout the generations, the Green Stone of Healing® saga explores how female power is the missing link for true healing at all levels of self and in the world. It also examines how women’s greatest challenge is to accept their own attracting/receptive nature as legitimate power and wield it forthrightly to sustain their personal autonomy, and improve their own lives and the lives of those they love.

No. 1 Amazon Reviewer Lauds Green Stone of Healing(R) Series

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Sometimes we all need to brag a little.

Harriet Klausner,’s No. 1 customer reviewer, gives five stars to Green Stone of Healing® series.

Klausner’s review for each novel is available at its sales page.

The VisionThe Vision “A superb complex character driven fantasy”

 Fallout “a terrific fantasy…fast-paced throughout…”gsoh2-cover-small.JPG

gsoh3-cover-small.JPGThe Scorpions Strike :”an engaging tale that has a unique feel to the plot…”

Outcast “fantasy readers will enjoy this fine entry…”gsoh4-cover-small.JPG

Find out what has this top reviewer so enthralled.

The series is available in paperback at Amazon and other online bookstores, such as, and as ebooks (.pdf only) through HealingStone Books.

Ground Hog Day debate

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Call it a sign of our polarized times. Even the ground hogs disagree.

According to Reuters, the venerable Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter today when he saw his shadow after coming out of his burrow. Phil has been at this for more than a century, so he has lots of practice.

Upstart rival Staten Island Chuck, however, did not see his shadow, in which case spring is just around the corner.

Of course, the actual groundhogs in question didn’t say a word. That was up to their human handlers. Animals are smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves, while we humans beings tediously blog on and on…