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StoneScribeShe can keep her legs shut, but not her lips.

Really. Just because I have a mouth that gets me in trouble on an almost daily basis. The above comment comes courtsey of Judith Altair, who was my mother’s best friend. Thank goodness she’s not a family enemy!

I am Helen Elizabeth Andros, first-generation heroine of the Green Stone of Healing® speculative epic, otherwise known as StoneScribe.

I already have enough enemies, thank you very much. Most of them are the members of the powerful Brotherhood of Kronos. For goodness knows what reason, these theocrats have decided I am best dead. I disagree, most of the time.

Sometimes, though, I just get so sick of the unending hatred for half-breeds in Azgard that I secretly want to die. Then I get angry again and decide not to give anyone that kind of satisfaction. If they want me dead, the’ll have to come and get me. And it will be a lot harder now that Maguari has taught me some basics of energy mastery. Maguari (a Mist-Weaver) is what most human beings would call an alien. I know him as a loving spiritual mentor.

Azgard, where I moved to at age 11, is an island nation that will be utterly destroyed in the cataclysmic collision of politics and piety. I was actually born in a country called Khemyt many thousands of miles to the east.

Check this blog frequently for my opinions on just about anything along with tidbits about what I am doing in Outcast. This fourth installment of my story is published.

The fifth book, Treachery, and the sixth book, Under the Gun, are completed as first drafts. Book Seven Stolen, is under way.

My author has since penned her second nonfiction book called The Healing Circle–How Anyone Can Talk to the Other Side. This unique means of contacting the souls of the dead–and the not yet born–is portrayed fictitiously in Treachery.

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