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JFK after 50 years: We’re not ready for the truth

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Have we had our bellyful of memorials to President John F. Kennedy?

In all of the ceremonies, however, there was no eulogy for the truth that died on Nov. 22, 1963. A truth about the who, what, how, and why of his death that we may never know because we are not ready, as a nation, to face this truth, whatever it is. Especially the who, since many of those involved are doubtless still among us, deeply embedded in the post 9/11 surveillance state, wielding undemocratic, unchecked, deeply invasive, unconstitutional power while we as a nation avert our gaze.

Critics of the 1964 Warren Commission Report skeptics always claim that well, of course we want to believe in conspiracies. We simply cannot bear the thought that one lone crazed gunman actually brought down the president of the United States.

The reality is the exact opposite. Most people want to believe that it was just a lone gunman, not members of their own government acting against the will of the electorate. They shrink from the prospect of a coup d’etat. Those messy power grabs (gasp!) are for banana republics, not the United States.

Well stare it in the face, folks. On that day, an unknown group for whatever reason took the life of the commander-in-chief. And in all of the discussions since, what is glaringly obvious about his death is also the least remarked upon. The evidence of some sort of plot to kill JFK has always been right in front of us.

One immediate sign of the plot is the lack of action on the part of the Secret Service agent driving the limousine in which were riding the president and Mrs. Kennedy along with Texas Gov. John Connally and his wife. Every existing film of the motorcade shows that when the first shot rang out, the vehicle unaccountably slows down and almost stops. Why? There was an obvious threat; mere seconds meant the difference between life and death.

Proper action to protect the president would have been to floor the accelerator and zoom toward the freeway entrance close by. Instead, the limousine strangely crawls along while more shots are fired. Then it finally accelerates, after it is too late. Why the deadly delay?

jfk_unspeakable.jpg“In Dallas, the Secret Service would step out of the way not just individually, but collectively,” James W. Douglass writes in JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died & Why It Matters (Orbis Books, 2008).

A second piece of conspiracy evidence is how Kennedy reacted to being hit. The unique film shot by Abraham Zapruder shows Kennedy initially jerking violently backward and to his left. This indicates that the bullets came from the front and the right of the limousine, not from behind as they would if he were truly shot from the school book depository. I have seen that film dozens of times, and there is no way the shots that hit him came from behind him. If that were the case, his body would have lurched forward from the initial impact. But it didn’t.

A third piece of conspiracy evidence is the absurdly short amount of time it took for the authorities to detain a suspect. After a mere 21 minutes, they put out an alert for a man named Lee Harvey Oswald, who was under arrest a grand total of 88 minutes after the shooting. Fast forward 32 years to the deadly bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Despite three decades of advances in communications, surveillance, and other law enforcement technologies, it took the FBI’s entire field force 48 hours to determine the identity of a suspect, let alone bring him in.

How then did Dallas police and the FBI have a suspect in hand in less than 1.5 hours unless one had already been predetermined? Mr. Oswald was indeed the patsy that he claimed to be, the fall guy. And since no trial was ever held to determine his guilt or innocence, Oswald’s role in the killing, if he had one at all, remains pure conjecture, despite all claims to the contrary.

The fourth piece of conspiracy evidence is the so-called killer’s behavior right after the shooting. He went home, took a shower, and went to a movie theater in Oak Cliff just across the Trinity River from downtown Dallas. Are these the actions of a guilty man? If Oswald had done it, he would have been trying to get as far away from Dallas as fast as possible. His behavior is utterly inexplicable if he were truly JFK’s murderer, but not if he had just put in an ordinary day’s work at the school book depository.

There is no room in this column to enumerate all of the findings that scream out conspiracy. Indeed, it would take multiple libraries to house all of the books and films devoted to Kennedy’s murder. Probably the most accessible review is the BBC documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy. The final part of the series theorizes that the fatal shot came from the storm drain in Elm Street below the grassy knoll, in front of and to the right of the limousine’s location at the time of the shooting. The killer(s) escaped unnoticed through the drain system to the nearby Trinity River bottom.

Now there is word of a previously unseen film of the shooting that may show a man in the bushes of the grassy knoll holding a gun. Let’s hope it sees the light of day instead of quietly disappearing into some sealed vault somewhere like so much of the evidence.

In 1979, after a three-year review of available evidence, the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations issued a report stating that there most likely was a conspiracy to kill JFK. The House never investigated the conspirators’ identities, probably for the reasons enumerated above.

Thus there are people alive today who conspired to murder the highest office holder in this country and have never been held accountable, and in all probability never will be called to justice. I’ve been hopping mad about it since I was nine years old and I will never get over it. How can I? And how can I believe anything the government says, regardless of which political party is in power? A pox on their moving, lying lips.

And as long as we as a nation live in denial, we will continue to pay with endless war and the end of freedom. When will the price become too high?