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Day of reckoning awaits the 1% and the Kindred

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The seventh novel in the Green Stone of Healing® speculative fiction series is now under way. Books Five and Six are complete as first drafts and await a big enough improvement in their authors finances to see the light of publication.

This forthcoming tome sees a changing of the guard. Outspoken heroine Helen Andros fades and her offspring assumes the spotlight. Think Helen was feisty? Wait until you meet her child.

I‘ll give you some idea of what the Kindred of Azgard are about to face. Billionaire Nick Hanauer wrote a lengthy piece in Politico about seeing the pitchforks coming for U.S. oligarchs if we as a nation do not do something to roll back raging income and opportunity inequality. It’s spot on and well worth reading. 

Helen’s descendant is that pitchfork, growing up to despise the indifference to suffering and outright cruelty she witnesses in those privileged, powerful, and wealthy few who have more than they could possibly use in multiple lifetimes and refuse to provide chances for others.

She also is the reincarnation of the very soul who founded the nation of Azgard, and thus has the karma to make a huge impact on everyone, Turanian and Toltec alike. Does she? You betcha!

She’s the embodiment of the ancient Chinese curse about living in interesting times…..

Author flees judgment, not Jesus

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Mega-bestselling author Anne Rice has quit Christianity, according to her Facebook blog post.

“I quit being a Christian,” she writes. “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life…”

What Ms. Rice objects to are not the actual teachings of Jesus, but all the judgments others have attached to his message. Jesus told his followers that God is unconditional love.

Unconditional love  means love without judgments, standards, expectations, or hooks. Unconditional love is love without any limitations. It most emphatically is not the so-called love exhibited by Christian political conservatives. 

Most of those who heard Jesus did not understand him and do not truly comprehend his message even now. Hence they insist on judging and condemning, when Jesus did no such thing, and still claim to be his followers.

Just as radical conservatives hijack and pervert Islam in the Middle East for their theocratic ends, so radical conservatives twist and distort Christianity for similar political goals in this country.

Let us hope that many others become as fed up (and as vocal about it) as Ms. Rice with the unloving, uncharitable words and deeds of the militant Christian right. There is hope yet that this nation will avoid becoming a Christian theocracy, which is the goal of far-right Christian conservatives. 

Pastors, Priests Don’t Mix Well with Politics

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

The wanna-be theocrats are at it again.

Evangelist Dr. K.A. Paul has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president.

The Rock Christian Fellowship in New Mexico has told its members to vote for John McCain and his fellow Republicans, as has the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paterson, N.J.

Then there was that absurd pulpit initiative last month designed to defy U.S. tax laws by having dozens of clergy make specific candidate endorsements while preaching the weekly sermon.

Unlike Azgard, the government of the United States of America does not promote or endorse any specific religion or creed, as specified in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

To qualify and maintain their tax-exempt status, religious organizations must return the favor and refrain from overt partisan activity that amounts to endorsing any specific candidate for public office.

The founders of this nation were a lot wiser than those who established Azgard. They realized that partisan politicking diminishes the standing of religion and that injecting religious views into politics ignites dangerous passions.

Sectarian strife ultimately destroyed Azgard. Don’t let that happen to this nation. Keep church and state strictly separate for the sake of both sides.

Sarah Palin: Politics and Piety Collide Again

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Like the coach said: “It’s deja vu all over again.” 

I have seen this before. I am writing fiction about my past-life experiences with theocracy and would-be religious totalitarians.

But this is only too real. And it’s not about faith or country or patriotism. It’s about raw power and total control.

Read this post by Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America, for more insight into how GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin personifies “end times” for our experiment with democracy and the beginnings of theocracy.

Can you feel the approaching political Rapture?

Obama as Anti-Christ: Religious Extremism Not Dead as Political Influence

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Now that a GOP campaign ad casts Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in the role of anti-Christ, maybe it’s time to acknowledge that the impact of religious extremists isn’t quite as dead as mainstream media keep reporting.

The John McCain ad, ‘The One,’ playing on YouTube not so subtly paints Obama as the anti-Christ for adherents to an extreme interpretation of Revelations. This YouTube spot stokes these believers’ worst fears of global conflagration in an ultimate war between God and the devil.

McCain’s spin doctors want to scare these people into voting against Obama by casting a ballot for the Arizona senator, even if they don’t like McCain all that much.

Although mainstream media articles keep declaring the death of religious conservatism, religious conservatives obviously could impact this year’s election outcome. Otherwise the McCain camp would not bother to try to scare up their votes.

It’s so eery–and alarming. My fantasy saga chronicles what happens when politics and piety collide, just as they have in U.S. elections since 2000, all of which have been marred by extreme divisiveness and bitterly contested vote counts.

The fictional theocrats try to wrest power from the secular government of an island nation called Azgard, just as Christian Dominionists seriously seek to impose religious totalitarianism on the United States, and Islamic extremists want to impose a Caliphate on the Middle East. The fictional power struggle leads to civil war, eventually resulting in the destruction of the country and most of the world.

What might happen in real life if extreme religious viewpoints continue to influence the elections as well as public discourse and policies? Consider McCain’s statements about U.S. troops in Iraq for 100 years and supposedly joking comments about bombing Iran.

There is little humor and much to be alarmed about in any type of militant religiosity–Muslim, Christian, Hindu or whatever.

Some People Just Need Killing…

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Theocrats Put Death Mark on Heroine,
Punish Father in Fantasy Saga’s 3rd Book

Lancaster, Texas (July 16, 2008) — Some people just need killing.

Will the ones to die be Helen Andros, outspoken first-generation heroine of the Green Stone of Healing® fantasy saga, and her newly reconciled father?

The astonishing sequel to The Vision and Fallout, The Scorpions Strike debuts today in paperback and ebook versions. Helen and Lord James Mordecai endure proscription and savage punishment by the state-sanctioned Temple of Kronos.

Under a Temple death mark, Helen learns basic energy manipulation from Maguari, the otherworldly Mist-Weaver, and first uses her green gem for healing and saving lives. Lord James’ political enemies hound him relentlessly and a treacherous ally plots his assassination.

The Scorpions Strike is fast-paced, action-packed and full of surprises,” writes Anne Garber, managing director of “Just when you think you have figured out where these events might be heading, everything you imagined is thrown out the window.”

Calling the series “masterful,” Garber concludes, “Hooray for Helen Andros and the behaviour-models she has spawned. What an important void this character, and C.L. Talmadge’s inspirational story have filled!”

HealingStone Books today also made The Vision and Fallout available as paperbacks. Readers may browse through all three books online for free at

The first two novels in the series have drawn high praise.

“Exceptional job of writing, and keeping this story tightly together in a genre that is certainly difficult to do such, our author is top-notch,” Shirley P. Johnson writes about Fallout in Midwest Book Review. “If you love an intense read, packed with sinister power seekers, grueling heartless characters, yet laced with mystical moments, the lure of peace and healing, and the hope that goodness will prevail, this read is for you.”

“Helen is a formidable protagonist,” Kirkus Discoveries says about The Vision.

Over several generations of strong female characters, the saga explores what happens when politics and piety collide–how state support for an exclusionary religion leads to worldwide cataclysm and the utter destruction of an island nation called Azgard.

Author C.L. Talmadge describes the series as, “a blue-state version of ‘end-of-the-world’ fiction without a traditional religious viewpoint. Instead, it examines alternative spiritual themes and sets forth a different interpretation of free will and good and evil.”

Throughout the tale, the heroines and their mysterious jewel offer a healing, inclusive alternative to a government that persecutes those who do not look like or share the religious beliefs of the ones in power.

Readers who become fond of Helen and other characters will be delighted that they reincarnate, affirming that not even death can separate loved ones (or enemies).

Talmadge’s writing career began in 1976. A political columnist syndicated by North Star Writers Group, she has been on staff or freelanced for numerous media including Business Week, the Dallas Times Herald, Forbes, the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times and Reuters America.

The author discusses this latest book and how the series speaks to events today:

The Scorpions Strike
Paperback:       $16.95
Pages:      248
ISBN:      978-9800537-5-3

eBook:   $6.95
Format:    .pdf only
Pages:    312
ISBN:   978-0-9800537-2-2

Ultimate power–Ultimate abuse

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Recently the head of the Catholic Church made his first visit to the United States. About that time, Lone Star State child protective officials removed 416 children from a West Texas compound run by the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints after receiving a phone call alleging child abuse.

Now Pope Benedict VXI has gone back to the Vatican, and the investigation into FLDS treatment of the children now in state custody must run its course. Apart from the Catholic Church’s own child-abuse scandal, do these two events have anything else in common?

They do indeed–even if neither side would care to be compared with the other. And, ironically, child abuse is a common symptom of exactly that which links the two.

Both are institutions attempting to exert ultimate power over their followers by claiming the only way to God. These institutions insist that they speak for God, and that God will not accept or love those who do not follow said institution’s rules or believe said institution’s creeds or dogmas

Asserting the one and only hotline to Divine approval and acceptance is to claim ultimate power. Think about it carefully. The Catholic Church, the FLDS, its mainstream successor (the current Mormon Church), and many other institutions have tried or still attempt to assert ultimate supremacy. Scientists and/or atheists don’t get off the hook here, either. If we claim there is no God and insist that others who believe are stupid or illogical, we are still trying to assert ultimate control over them.

The Catholic Church, the FLDS, other religions and sects, the scientific community all share at least one common trait. All of them want to interpret our reality for us, and to define the meanings of our lives and beings. In doing so, they usurp the kind of power, authority, and control that leads straight to child and many other forms of abuse. (Even atheists/scientists behave like theocrats if they demand that others conform to their nonbeliefs.)

Enough already. No one has the right or the wisdon to step between another person and God, or to order people’s lives to such a degree. But we cannot blame the theocrats entirely when abuse occurs. Theocrats obtain power only when the rest of us cede it to them. They rush in to fill that vaccum created when we refuse to be responsible for our beliefs, our thoughts, our feelings–in other words, for our lives and our beings.

Power-mongering theocrats flourish to a great extent because we fear responsibility instead of embracing it. So we shall redefine responsibility to make it much less fearful.